Kitchen Designers in Lewes, Peacehaven and East Sussex

Visit one of the most popular kitchen showrooms in the region, located in Seaford, for professional installations in Lewes, Peacehaven and the surrounding East Sussex area. A personal visit is the key to a personalised service. The kitchen designers at STC understand that the social hub of your home has to reflect your personality but still work in unison with your lifestyle. We turn cooking, family and social time into the most pleasurable moments.


We also have a tile shop in Newhaven with an extensive product range.


STC is an experienced and established family-owned business with dedicated kitchen showrooms in Seaford that blend the latest in traditional and contemporary styling. We have a proud local history and a proven track record in the supply and installation of branded kitchens at competitive prices. All installations receive the attention of our very own kitchen designers.


Having access to the trade’s finest products and accessories is instrumental to our design work. Our customers in Lewes, Peacehaven and the surrounding areas never need to worry about choice. We have displays at our kitchen showrooms which showcase all major brands.

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Crown Kitchens


At STC, we’re proud to serve East Sussex as the trusted choice for Crown Kitchens. If you plan on starting a remodelling project in the near future, our kitchen designers organise convenient visits to Crown’s own showroom in Daventry so that you can view more than 70 wonderful displays without unwelcome pressure from impersonal and intrusive salespeople.


We leave you to spend as much time as you need browsing the kitchens and accessories Crown has to offer. Like all reputable kitchen showrooms in the Lewes and Peacehaven areas, our Seaford outlet wants you to make a decision that’s right for you and your family. Relax, enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee and savour the many exciting choices from Crown.


A little extra time could be all it takes to completely revitalise your kitchen space.


Crown Spaceworks


Choosing from our exciting range of kitchens is a lifestyle decision that requires practical thought and decision-making. To make those decisions easier, STC supplies the latest Crown Spaceworks products, an exciting engineered storage system to optimise your available kitchen space for complete functionality, and to make the best use of every possible inch.


If required, our kitchen designers tailor base cabinets and pull-out additions to your own unique specification. Installations offer visible and accessible pull-out or swivel units with options of mid-height storage for all family members, or tall units accessible only to adults.


We are one of the very few kitchen showrooms to cover Lewes, Peacehaven and East Sussex with products, designs and installations from the Crown Spaceworks range.

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Base Cabinets, Larder Cabinets and Drawer Packs


STC offers a personal brand of service to ensure Crown Spaceworks base cabinets deliver the innovative, practical styling needed to make storage simple. No matter how complex your requirements might be, Crown’s engineered storage systems, combined with the product know-how of our kitchen designers, ensure we always come up with an answer.


Larder cabinets from Crown Spaceworks deliver accessible storage solutions with perfect visibility. Installed at intermediate heights so the entire family can access whatever they need, our larder swivel units optimise storage potential and deliver a crafted finish that retains a distinctive style in any Lewes, Peacehaven or East Sussex property.


Crown Spaceworks, and the product range we supply from our kitchen showrooms in Seaford, ensure there’s ample storage space available no matter how detailed you need it to be. Our drawer packs provide deep draw divisions in any combination and our kitchen designers use them with a selection of personally tailored cutlery trays which radiate style and personal taste.

Call 01273 281481 (Newhaven) or 01323 490048 (Seaford) to discuss installations in Lewes, Peacehaven and East Sussex with the designers at our kitchen showrooms.

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