Bathroom Planners and Kitchen Designers in Brighton | Choosing the Perfect Room Colour

Sussex Tile Centre Ltd combines the two separate worlds of bathroom showrooms and kitchen showrooms into one by offering a full supply and installation service from premises in Seaford. We also have our own tile shop, located in Newhaven. Most of our customers live on, or close to, the South Coast, with many coming from the popular seaside town of Brighton. We supply them with bathrooms, kitchens and the best in fitted bedroom furniture.


What separates us from other kitchen and bathroom showrooms in the region is the styles achieved by our bathroom planners and kitchen designers. We know how to turn a Brighton property into a home, and colour is one of the most important considerations in our planning.


We also take care to recommend suitable colour schemes for those investing into bedroom furniture for their homes.


Kitchen Colours


Some kitchen showrooms pay minimal attention to colour schemes but we’re different to the big-name outlets in our area. Our kitchen designers put the customer first, and offer practical advice on colours, shades and tones as part of a service that’s truly personal.


  • Neutral colours to match the cabinetry and appliances provide a contemporary feel, and leave Brighton homeowners free to add small splashes of bold colour in paint or with tiles
  • Small kitchens with artificial light need light-coloured walls, tiles and cupboard fronts whereas those with more natural daylight, or with more space, benefit from accent shades
  • Our kitchen designers strongly recommend that you consider the colour of the floor too, and opt for darker shades to hide dirt or to contrast with light wall colours
  • Kitchen showrooms aren’t the only places to look for inspiration. Check social media websites, such as Pinterest, to see the ideas of professional kitchen designers and DIY hobbyists
  • Avoid using too many colours in your Brighton home. One or two colours looks sophisticated but any more, and your kitchen might just look like an explosion in a paint factory


Bathroom Colours


Our bathroom planners always work to the design aspirations of our Brighton customers and never take the choice away from them. This isn’t always the case with some bathroom showrooms, and the onus seems to be on a one-style-fits-all package with many of them. Sussex Tile Centre Ltd simply advises and always leaves the final decision firmly with you.


  • Work to the rule of three with 70:20:10 colour distribution. Always make the lightest shade your primary colour, and the darkest shade the one that you use least in the design
  • Think beyond paint or wallpaper for your Brighton home by using coloured tiles and splashbacks, which we stock at our tile shop and combined kitchen and bathroom showrooms respectively
  • Our bathroom planners also suggest the use of handles, accessories and even towels which contrast well with your main colour. Blue and green shades make bathrooms feel fresh and alive
  • Don’t be afraid to go for neutral blues or greys if you want to promote an atmosphere of calmness, but never stick with one colour. Stay with the 70:20:10 rule or 70:30 for two colours
  • Brighton customers should only use splashes of bold colour against a more neutral backdrop and even then, our bathroom planners suggest that you apply them sparingly


Bedroom Colours


It isn’t often that bathroom showrooms or kitchen showrooms talk about bedrooms. We do, and our Brighton customers can use us for the supply of fitted bedroom furniture from the Crown Imperial range. When it comes to colour, we don’t believe in variables. Stick with something a little darker and open the gateway to a calmer, more stress-free environment that promotes a good night’s sleep.


Naturally, your choice of bedroom furniture will dictate the colours you choose but blue-grey and celery tones work particularly well, especially when complemented by curtains, bed linen and soft furnishings in white or beige.


Our bathroom planners, kitchen designers and bedroom specialists understand how important it is to stylise purchases with an appropriate choice of paper, paint or tile. Our combined bathroom showrooms and kitchen showrooms, and our tile shop, can discuss colours to match cabinetry, suites and bedroom furniture when you travel from Brighton to see us.

Call our bathroom planners and kitchen designers on 01273 281481 (Newhaven) or 01323 490048 (Seaford) to discuss colour schemes for your Brighton home.